Top Web Design in Brisbane

Websites have been crucial in the success of many businesses and organizations. Because of them, many individuals are able to earn thousands and millions of profits in promoting their products and services. Because of them, businesses could reach thousands and millions of consumers worldwide.

Not all websites could sell though, depending on which of the brisbane website designers you choose. They need to have the perfect theme and layout. Web designing plays a very important role, as styles and designs of websites vary over time. There are always new web design trends that come out in the open, and these trends make the sites more relevant, modern, and up-to-date. As for which CMS to go for, WordPress is your safe bet.

Web Hosting for WordPress

The first thing to decide on before you launch a new website or redesign would be you web host. Are going for a cheap shared hosting plan, cloud hosting, a vps, or maybe you want a specialised host that only does WordPress. I usually choose the latter, this is called managed WordPress hosting, and it’s a very solid choice as far as web hosting goes. You get servers that are fully optimised for WP, support that knows the CMS inside-out, and a lot of extra features like back-ups, extra security, etc. So yeah, if you’re planning on getting a WordPress site, definitely look into managed WordPress hosting. You can check this epic resource on what the best WordPress hosts are.

Web Design in Brisbane: How Does It Look Like

Brisbane is an Australian metropolis that is a home to many top web designers in the world. Inspired by contemporary world, nature, and humans, web design in Brisbane is created with different layouts and themes. Here are the different types of web designs to choose from.

Wordpress web design

  • Grid-based Layouts

Many websites employ this design currently. These websites or blogs use grid to showcase photos and highlights of their articles or content. These photos are numerous, and they appear side by side with other photos. It is like a Pinterest-based layout, but it is more organized and clean.

This layout is perfect for sites that focus on different fields such as fashion, real estate, and travel. The sizes of the photos are usually a bit small, but they are captured and edited to appear attractive and dramatic in home pages of websites.

  • Slideshows and Galleries

Many websites also include slideshows on their home page to make it vibrant and dynamic. These slideshows could be a selection of photos about their business or blog. The best sites for slideshows deal with hotels, beach resorts, tourism, cars, and technology.

Some websites also showcase a gallery of images to attract online visitors. The photos or images are creatively captured to stun individuals or readers. These galleries contain many photos about the website or its products and services. They also add convenience to readers because all photos that they want to see are located in one area only.

  • Ghost Buttons

This style is new in web designing. The main page of the website is usually covered with a huge photo. Then, the main headers are located on the lower part of the photo and are designed as ghost buttons with different color schemes. This web design is applied with a contrasting technique so that the readers will see the buttons on top of the background photo. This style is usually fit for websites about music, retail, and technology or gadgets.

  • Feature List Icons

This is applicable in web designs for mobile applications. Many people would like to see the features of a website and click on what interests them. These features could be shown either at the middle or bottom part of a website. These features are horizon in structure, and are combined with small icons and a few explanations or highlights about the feature.